Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Success Ensuring Tricks to Create the Best eCommerce Store

Two opinions cannot be stated at this point that every business person is running after building an amazing shopping store that will handle the competitive online market. Though, the appearance of the store matters a lot, but what is more important as compared to designing factor is user experience. It means that even the best looking website would not be able to live up to the mark to customer expectation if it is not user-friendly. The responsibility of the web designer is to ensure easy accessibilitygood functionality and user-friendliness of the web store. Moreover, there must be a perfect blend of both beauty and the appealing presentation of the products and services.

We all know that designing is something that works wonders in the direction of earning the immediate attention of the visitors to your eCommerce store. Other than a powerful design, here are some tricks that ensure the consistent success of an online shop:
  • User-friendly Navigation: Visitors are not going to spend much time on your store, if it is not built with user-friendly navigation. So, ensure that you input this very factor in your store.
  • An Advanced Search System: This is the second major requisite that must be integrated with a shopping site to boost its functionality and confidence of customers within you.
  • The Look of the Products: There must be clear display of products description, cost, discounts and other special offers. This feature would enhance customer’s trust to your store.
  • Lesser Clicks: When a customer comes to your store and he has to bear so many clicks to reach his desired products, he loses his interest and leaves the site immediately. Therefore, you should make it an affair of lesser clicks.
  • Customers’ Support System: A proper customer support system should be embedded to attain the utmost satisfaction of buyers. And, highly responsive customer care system must be there to respond to the queries of shoppers in a detailed manner.
Let’s explore of the best eCommerce websites those set an example in every manner including superb website design, great user experience, appealing appearance and wonderful functionality:


Volkswagen secures the topmost place in the line of the best automobile sellers. The entire credit goes to its striking eCommerce website design to showcase the different models of the offered cars. The showcasing of the cars has been set wonderfully incorporating the varied designs, colors, etc. Easy navigation, diverse payment options and convenient buying are some of the points that have transformed it into the brand name in the automobile industry.


Shopbychoice is counted among the prominent shopping portals in India just because of its eye-catching web store design. This online shopping site is acclaimed for its simple to use features and friendly navigation. Almost every shopping category such as lifestyle, kitchen accessories, home appliances, electronics, tablets and Smartphone is served here. Every product has been added with a clear categorization, model, price, brand name and related things.


Doodern is stated an ideal example that how, an eCommerce store should be designed, must look and can offer great functionality to the user. Its design certainly appeals shoppers because every product page has an ample description for the products and options for ensuring cordial seller-buyer relationship have been integrated. The best handmade items, decorative crafts, latest clothes and exclusive accessories are available here. Buyer’s protection system, international language & currency support and diverse delivery options are offered to enhance the online shopping experience.


Etsy comes in the gamut of extensive eCommerce platforms that are capable of hosting a variety of small business stores. It has been perfectly designed for the shop owners who want to sell online vintage items, handmade products and cross-stitch patterns. Designing, presentation and user-friendliness all can be found on this well-known shopping platform.


When we are discussing the best designed ecommerce platform and do not count Dune, it would not be fair. The store has great thumbnails images to choose from the bottom and at the top, there is a navigation bar which enables to discover the diversified range of products. The images on its center page grab the immediate attention of the onlookers. Incorporated with the modern features, it carves a niche on the online shopping platform.


Teapot makes its way into a list of the top and most eye-catching eCommerce website designs. In all terms, from the navigation bar to the engaging designing, it lives up to the mark to give an inspirational idea to get your own website designed.

The above mentioned website designs are ideal in terms of the fundamentals of the best eCommerce store design with admirable user-experience. All these designs appropriately explain that how to grasp the immediate attention of visitors by directing them to product navigation page easily.

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