Wednesday, 19 June 2013

MotoCMS HTML Just Got Better – Version 1.1.3 Released!

 has just announced a new update of their control panel for HTML – the version 1.1.3 release. This latest update of the powerful content management system for HTML websites is a big jump forward for the System’s already-advanced suite of features. The new release makes website management more efficient and adds a bunch of useful options to the control panel.
Since web these days is more visual than ever, the update focuses mainly on the image gallery features to make your website stand out. Specifically, the release has brought a couple of cool widgets for image gallery creation. The features will definitely make it incredibly easy to organize images and display them in the most beautiful way. The new widgets are a big plus to a great collection of MotoCMS gallery tools that add some serious visual candy to websites powered by MotoCMS.
Read on to learn more about the new functionality that has been implemented in the MotoCMS control panel for HTML.

Reflection Gallery widget

Due to this new functionality, you can now add an impressive reflection effect under your photos. This effect gives any object the appearance as if it was settled on a very shiny surface. Now you can add this luxurious look to your images!

The Reflection Gallery widget includes the following features and options:
  • The widget height includes an image itself and its reflection as well;
  • The central image height is a half of the total widget height;
  • The thumbnails height equals 2/3 of the central image’s height;
  • The images width is set as auto;
  • You can set the reflected image’s transparency;
  • You can set the indent before the text all over the widget’s height;
  • The central image displays while loading;
  • The ability to set the space between images;
  • When clicking on the central image, the full size image will open in the lightbox with thumbnails;
  • The animation and rotation speed is set constantly;
  • The text which is set for an image, is displayed on the central image only.

Slider Gallery with Thumbnails

The Slider with Thumbnails widget delivers a great functionality to your website by providing a powerful and visually attractive sliding gallery for showcasing your images online. This advanced tool adds displaying your photos by sliding them and provides the image thumbnail preview which easily moves in sync with the main slider of the gallery.
The functionality of the Slider Gallery with Thumbnails is similar to the Slider widget, which has been added with the MotoCMS HTML 1.1 release. The only difference is that in addition to the main image slider of the widget, the thumbnail preview has been added. The thumbnails are browsed to the end and then moved back to the first image. The navigation is performed with the arrow buttons.
You can set the properties for the slider: set the slideshow duration, show (or hide) pagination, add descriptions to images as well as set their properties and more. Also, you can center the preview gallery when the whole block with thumbnails is displayed on the screen. Pretty cool, huh?

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