Saturday, 4 May 2013

“Big” Fonts for Bold Headers"

No matter what you are reading a book, article on a website, the content rarely captures your attention, this role is usually given to the headers. Competent and attractive header is the foundation for the whole web page/article or anything else. The header should not only summarize the contents of the page, but attract attention of readers, so that they will get through the page. Trust me, this is not so easy to achieve.
There are tons of different ways to create an unusual title, and the main aspect in their creation is the selection of a font. There are many different fatty and big fonts, but specifically to find one that attracts attention, it’s sometimes extremely difficult.
Any design has lots of inherent elements, and one of those is the font. As a rule every website comprises no more than two font faces for the content part and a third one for the header. So let’s have a look at 20 attention grabbers that will kick-start your website headers.

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