Thursday, 11 April 2013

Android Raises The Bar Ahead In App Development – Emerges Winner!

Android emerges a clear winner in the war of the smartphone app development. According to a recent report by ComScore, Android has emerged as a clear winner with 53% of the market share, with iOS at 36% leaving others far-behind. Another note-worthy survey by ABI Research predicts that, Android will be a winner in 2013 in terms of app downloads. According to the firm’s latest report, 58% of smartphone app downloads this year will be Android, followed by iOS coming in at 33%.
A similar study by ABI cropped up earlier this year which said that, Google’s Android paltform will take a 57% share of the global smartphone market this year with iOS standing at 21%. The figures precisely state that, Android is indeed an innovative market player and is expecting the trend of their success, stays ahead of its counterparts.

What’s In-Store For Android Developers?
Research from ABI further predicts that Android’s gains will motivate more developers to build apps for the welcoming Android platform. This is logically true with Android getting more app downloads this year, it is likely to grab the developer’s attention.
On the other side, Apple’s close-door policy of app development has led to multiple issues for developers. Android by no-means ignores its developer’s concerns and has offered a harmonious environment for smartphone app development.

Android Leads the Competition

A new report by Gartner predicts that, of all smartphones captured 44% of all mobile phone sales in the December 2012 quarter – Android leads with 31% of all mobile phone shipments followed by iOS at 9%.
Moreover, the rate at which Android phone market is expanding is at 88% year over year with iOS at 23%. The primary reason behind Android’s remarkable success is due its lower priced smartphones.

What’s In-Store For The Users?
The battle between the smartphone industry is being led by two smartphone giants – Android and Apple. Android is coming-up as a popular or most-deserved smartphone owing to a number of reasons. Let’s take a look at them:
Android lets you add on your choice of ROM for enhanced device-performance
Android offers a range of useful services in-sync with Google
Better pricing options with Android
Android allows more customization options compared to others
Multiple device support catering to a range of end users
Android gives its users access to a variety of custom launcher apps to choose from

To wrap it up
If that’s not all Android gets you access to a number of free apps and games for an enriching phone-experience. Android is a user centric platform that customizes itself to cater to your immediate needs. For instance, all three version of Angry birds are free on Android and much more.
Hence, it is no wrong to say that Android has challenged Apple devices is every way possible from hardware and software to its basic features such as notifications and apps. As put up by Ralf Rottmann, a mobile app developer, the new generation of Android has vitally better operating system than iOS and is more polished. Moreover, there a lot of possibilities with Android’s smartphones and it will be interesting to note how they change the future of mobile-interactivity in the future.

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